Patrick Burke Fine Concert Guitars


“Every guitar must reach my expectations as a player and be considered adequate for recitals. The level of criticism I apply is stringent. I enjoy input from other experienced players who have my instruments, and welcome discussion on preferences for playability and setup with prospective customers. Every aspect of the instrument is taken into account, in consideration of the individual guitarist’s physical make-up and musical requirements. The woods I use are carefully selected by me from the finest stock available.”

1. The Granada Series in spruce. This is a Torres-based design typical of the lighter style of guitar developed in Granada since the 1960s. These guitars produce a subtle variety of sounds with many nuances suitable for concerts and recording. Features include distinctive rosette and polished ebony surface at the back of the neck for maximum ease of shifting.


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2. The Madrid Series in cedar. These guitars reflect the designs of the famous Madrid makers. A larger body size allows a deep powerful sonority with the richness of cedar and a radial bar stabilises the treble. First choice for many concert guitarists of our time.


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3. The Avant-Garde Series. Carbon fibre lattice-braced concert guitars in cedar or spruce feature a unique X-braced soundboard to permit increased power. This is a heavier type of guitar with a laminated back which some players prefer for live concerts and ensemble work.


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Construction details

  • Choice of woods to be decided in discussion with customer at the time of placing the order. Standard guitar is European spruce or Western red cedar with Indian rosewood back and sides. Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified) can be requested at extra cost..
  • Only the best hide glue is used for the soundboard of fan-strutted instruments.
  • French polish finish is used throughout. This system although difficult and time consuming produces superior tone and volume and is also best if the guitar should ever require renewal or repair.
  • Finger boards are tapered towards the bass side to permit free vibration of the bass strings while maintaining the same bridge saddle height. An option which he offers features a slightly increased radius as one goes higher up the finger board to facilitate the barré.
  • Standard specifications provide a string length of 65cm, string spacing of 44mm at the nut and 60mm at the bridge. These characteristics can be altered to suit individual players, e.g. players with small hands might prefer smaller spacing at nut and bridge. All necks are raised above the sound board 12mm at the soundhole and 20mm at the 12th fret. This provides the guitar with more volume and makes it easier to play. All models have a 20th fret and this is made of ebony to distinguish it visually from 19th fret harmonic.
  • Patrick makes rosettes in a marquetry style and a striking abstract design.
  • In the Avant-Garde Series laminated linings of wood and carbon fibre result in improved bass response and the carbon fibre insert in the bridge enhances the high treble range.