Patrick Burke Fine Concert Guitars


Nicklas Lundberg

I recently bought one of Patrick Burke`s lattice guitars. Itīs a cedar top with sides and back made of walnut. I really like the power of that instrument and itīs separation of voices, which makes it very suitable for polyphonic music. Playing pieces of Bach, Scarlatti as well as brilliant works of Giuliani sound amazing on that guitar. I feel free musically with my new instrument and it gets me inspired to practice even more than I used to. Estethically itīs a beautiful guitar and I can certainly recommend "classical" guitarists to try one and find out just how good these instruments really are!

Nicklas Lundberg : Musician and guitarteacher, Stockholm, Sweden


Peter Tennant

You are probably wondering how the guitar is standing up to this freak weather: it has shown no reaction at all and appears to have settled down very well in the African climate. It is lovely to play on an instrument whose treble register allows the melody to sing out beautifully above the accompaniment.

Peter Tennant, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


Ioanna Namintraporn

Talay is absolutely delighted with the look and sound of her guitar and is looking forward to taking it to play at her next lesson. There's also a busking session at school next week in aid of charity, so she'll be playing then, a perfect chance to show off the new and very beautiful hand crafted guitar!

Ioanna Namintraporn, Ottershaw, Surrey, England.


John Greaney:

Patrick's abundance of technical knowledge and overall good taste allows him to craft guitars of the highest standard. All his instruments possess great clarity of sound among each fret of the guitar, even towards the higher registered notes. My spruced-top lattice braced model is everything I could have asked for in a guitar. From the beautiful original rosette, and overall appearance, to the sheer warmth in tone, I am completely happy with the guitar Patrick has made.

John Greaney, Maynooth, Ireland


John Feeley:

Patrick Burke’s guitars are wonderfully crafted and reveal the attention to detail which he has always displayed as a performer. They are powerful instruments with a warm, clear tone and well balanced throughout the range.

Ireland's leading guitar player and teacher, John Feeley



Possessing everything you need in a concert instrument, Patrick’s guitars have a huge sound, beautiful balance and are always finished with such care and originality. I have used my 2003 lattice braced model guitar to play competitions, solo recitals and for ensemble purposes. When playing ensemble music I noticed just how much power Patrick’s instruments possess, especially when used with string quartets or other similar chamber groups. Patrick’s guitars are also very much at home in the studio as they are they are on the stage. Recently I used it to record a new work by Brazilian composer Victor Lazzarini for guitar and live electronics, which is featured on the latest CMC (Contemporary Music Centre) of Ireland CD. Paddy has so many great personal qualities that he brings to his guitars, his years of performing, teaching, travelling and above all his patience in construction make his guitars always unique, always musical and extremely satisfying to play.

Brendan Walsh, B.A. Int, M. Mus. Performance, Dublin, Ireland


"I feel very honoured to own an instrument as beautiful as Viveka. Patrick's craftsmanship is superlative; his technical mastery as a luthier is complemented and enhanced by his mastery of the guitar itself. Viveka's tone is lush and resonant, every note is laden with harmonic richness and she is as musically rewarding at a whisper as at a roar - the volume and projection are truly breathtaking. Patrick's guitars ought to cost many times what he charges; I can't recommend strongly enough that you play one and find out for yourself."

Trevor Datson, Woking, Surrey, England

Black Arrow:

It was what, eleven years ago that you and Josh came by and played your concert at church? That is when my wife, Jeanne, bought your precious "Black Arrow.

Since that time, that amazing instrument has been my cherished friend.

The cedar top still sings. It is the one instrument that I love to sit with and play as I try to regroup after one of our hectic days at church.

In my 38 years of owning and playing Martin, Gibson and even my first Fender, Black Arrow brings me the most peace and solace when it is just me and my guitar and my music.

God bless you for your craftsmanship and your loving hands.

Yours in the love of God and the love of music,

Jimbo Clark, North Palm Beach, Florida

I am a pianist and not a guitarist, but I have been able to reap the benefits of Patrick's skill and artistry for many years, as I have had the joy of hearing the magnificent tones of "Black Arrow." It increases in richness and depth as it ages. I will forever be thankful to Patrick Burke for the gift he has given us in this amazing classical guitar.

Jeanne Clark

Patrick and his son Joshua prepare for their concert at Hilton Head, South Carolina

Patrick and Joshua