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Granada Series

Granada Series

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All Patrick's guitars have raised necks, the only exceptions being his flamenco guitars.  Schaller pegs are standard unless otherwise requested. The cases (except where stated) are high quality rigid cases, two-tone black and brown. All guitars are French polished.

Patrick also makes left handed guitars on special order at no extra cost.

Deposits: A non-returnable deposit of €200 is required initially to place a firm order at which stage we will discuss your requirements.

At the time of starting work on your order 30% of the price is payable (minus the €200 deposit). The remaining 70% is to be paid on completion.

Shipping: I will send the guitar to you upon full payment for the guitar plus shipping and insurance costs which are payable by the customer.

Returns Policy: When shipped to you the guitar will be in perfect condition and free of defects in materials and quality of workmanship. From date of delivery the buyer has 7 days to evaluate the guitar. If you are not happy with the instrument, return it to me and you will receive a refund (€200 deposit and shipping and insurance costs not included), a full refund being payable only if the instrument is unmarked and undamaged. A partial refund will be considered at my discretion if the instrument is damaged or scratched.